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Over 25 years experience of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Free Consultation

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Meet Your Personal Hair Restoration Expert

Experience and compassion are everything in the hair restoration industry.  Ann Mary Scarnecchia has been designing and cutting hair since 1988; providing Non-Surgical Hair Restoration since 1993.  She opened the Hair Restoration Center in 2003 with the mission to provide her clientele with unparalleled compassion, service and life-changing results.  Your comfort and satisfaction are her number one priority and you can rest assured you will always be seen by Ann Mary and never a substitute.  Helping people restore their self-confidence is a passion and is reflected in her many long term clientele.  Just read what her clients have said in the testimonials below!

Free Consultation

Venturing into the world of hair restoration can be daunting.  The Hair Restoration Center by Ann Mary, Inc. offers a private and free consultation.  The consultation is comfortable and is designed to gather information, answer questions and offer professional advice so an informed decision regarding hair restoration can be made.  All hair restoration appointments are completely private and discreet.  To make an appointment for a free consultation please contact Ann Mary by text at  919.815.9022 or email here.

Our Non- Surgical Hair Systems

Our hair systems offer a natural looking, long term and complete solution to hair loss.  Your hair type will be expertly matched to your own hair in color, texture and body.  Indeed, we cater to those with all hair types. 

When you come in your new custom made hair will be cut and styled just for you.  Using some of the latest advances, our hair system will endure an active lifestyle and require only routine shampooing and styling at home.  Depending on the maintenance schedule you choose, you will come in every few weeks for a visit, just as you would for a regular hair appointment.  We are proud to share our maintenance schedules and pricing.


Hair Loss Information and Resources

There are a variety of reasons for hair loss.  The most prevalent form of hair loss for both men and women is Androgenic Alopecia (a genetic and inherited pattern baldness and thinning hair).  Other reasons include medical conditions, chemotherapy treatments, scalp conditions, and more. We have compiled a list of helpful links for you.  No matter what may have caused your hair loss, if you are ready to start loving what you see in the mirror again we can provide you with a solution!




If you are looking for the absolute best in hair replacement services, look no further than Studio Bedazzle and Ann Mary Scarnecchia!  Having been a client for close to 15 years, there is no one that has ever been able to deliver on product and service like Ann Mary.  Her skilled and professional talent is exceptional in a field that requires precision with every visit.  Her patience in making everything perfect, even with demanding clients like myself is always appreciated.  Each appointment is like visiting a good friend that makes your life better.  What more could you ask for!! A 5 star review for a 5 Star professional! -Eric L.

Ann Mary introduced me to something that changed my life and I'm so lucky I found her. After months of unsuccessful medical treatment for hair loss, I had withdrawn from social events as well as some everyday activities involving being out in public. I was so self conscious about my appearance, even with friends, that it limited the time I spent out of the house. I actually had "hair envy".

My dermatologist mentioned she had heard of a woman who works miracles with nonsurgical hair replacement, if I wanted to go that route. That's when I went online and read about Ann Mary and Salon Bedazzle. I called for a consultation, and two weeks later I saw a new "old me", as my husband calls the transformation. Not only do I have beautiful hair for the first time in years, but my smile has returned and is visible again at all my favorite places. I have received so many compliments over my "new do" that my face actually hurts from smiling! Ann Mary is one of the most sensitive, caring people I know, and is dedicated to helping people get their life back to a comfortable place, and for me anyway, has worked magic. - Janet P.

I have been receiving hair replacement services since I was 27 years old. I am now 45 and have been a client with numerous hair replacement companies from Florida to North Carolina. I can truthfully say that I have never been as comfortable with anyone as I am with Ann Mary as a stylist and as a business professional. She is very sensitive to the issue of hair loss and she is basically a 'blast' to be around. Her ability to fit and style your hair to your desire and personality is top notch.

I have dated hair stylists and they have asked where I got my hair cut. They didn't even know it wasn't my own hair! I recommend Ann Mary to anyone considering doing something about their hair loss. I guarantee you will not find a better company or person to help you achieve the look you've always dreamed of! - Mike S.

If you wear hair and need a custom system and professional (cut in), call Ann Mary. She’s an artist who blends your hair system into your natural hair, matching color to make your system undetectable. Guys, what’s really cool is her private studio, dedicated to her hair replacement speciality and your total privacy. Her appointments are scheduled to allow her adequate time to complete your appointment and for you to leave without passing through a crowded waiting room. A consummate professional. Call her! - Jim

When you start losing your hair, you feel like you’re losing a part of yourself. I’m so grateful I found Studio Bedazzle to not only renew my younger view of myself, but also restore my confidence. I searched for almost a year for different options to restore my hair and didn’t realize how easy it was. Surgery, on top of the insane expense, didn’t appeal to me after seeing what it does to your scalp. I wanted hair, but not bad enough to destroy my head. Non-surgical was by far the best way to go! Ann Mary is very efficient detailed and just amazing to work with. Thank you so much! - Jeremy

As a woman with inherited thinning hair, I thought there was nothing I could do about it.  People started focusing on the top of my head instead of my face when greeting me.  So embarassing! When I happened on to Studio Bedazzle, it was truly an answer to prayer.  From the start, Ann Mary was kind, understanding, and very discreet.  The hair I received was beautiful, the perfect color, and suited me perfectly.  This hair feels just like my own.  That was years ago, and I still go to Studio Bedazzle regularly.  These custom systems are great for men or women. My confidence was restored.  Now when people look at my head, they notice how pretty my hair looks! - Pam L.

I have been a client of Ann Mary's since 2001. She is a true professional in the hair replacement business. In all of the years I have worn a hair system, no one has ever noticed that it was not my real hair — even my dermatologist did not know until I told her. The private studio, where she works her magic, is also a true bonus. Ann Mary really cares about your appearance and makes sure you look your best. I have always felt very comfortable with Ann Mary. She is a very warm sensitive person that has a wonderful personality. Look no further — Ann Mary is the best! - Jerry R.

If you're considering hair replacement, then Ann Mary at Studio Bedazzle is your answer. I've had hair replacement for 25 years, and I've been to many different stylists over that span. I can honestly say that I've never had any stylist as good as Ann Mary. There are three things that set her apart: 1) She keeps up with the latest hair replacement technology,  2) She is an amazing stylist, and works to create the best overall look for you, and 3) MOST IMPORTANT...She cares about you! Her passion for her work is not about hair's about helping you feel and look your best! That comes through in her ability to create the best look for you through the hair replacement systems. This is a big decision, not to be taken lightly, and Ann Mary understands that. As a small business owner, she's not trying to sell hundreds of systems, like some of the larger companies; she's patient, caring, and wants to help you realize your best "you."  No matter where I may live, I will ALWAYS be a client of Ann Mary and Salon Bedazzle. - Chris D.

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