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Hair Restoration Expert


Welcome to Studio Bedazzle!  After owning and operating a busy salon in downtown Holly Springs for over a decade, I have recently decided to slow down the pace a bit and open Studio Bedazzle.  Situated in a charming farmhouse overlooking a beautiful country landscape, I love to see my clients relax and forget their worries! 

I have limited my hair care practice to Hair Restoration and book only one client at a time so everyone is afforded complete privacy.  If you are in need of Hair Restoration, you can read more about me and my experience on the Hair Restoration page.  I also offer a line of CBD oils in addition to teeth whitening services using the clinically proven DaVinci Teeth Whitening System

When I am not serving clients, I can usually be found relaxing with my husband Mark and our five dogs, affectionately known as the Fab 5! Hair Restoration Info>

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